Manifestation of creativity in product and service design

Providing solutions to problems in any field, designing physical products and services and software has become possible with a new approach to design. Paying attention to the human factor, define the problem and providing the most appropriate solution in an iterative process is the main goal of design thinking.

Applications of Design Thinking

What Is Design Thinking?

A philosophy and method to solve the problems and presenting creative ideas. In this case, human-centered products and services are designed and provide better user experience.

Why Is Design Thinking Important?

Today, responding to the diverse and changing needs of users requires creative methods. The product, service, process and business model in design thinking seeks to create the desired experience for the user and a competitive advantage for the business.

How Is Design Thinking Implemented?

The first stage is empathy with users and understand the situation, define the problem and create solutions to respond to the need are formed during the idea generation process, and finally the most feasible option is tested and the improvement process continues.

Training Courses

Concepts and basic principles of design thinking

Teaching the concepts, processes and their application, needed skills and abilities

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Specialized application of design thinking in industries

Examining real-world examples of the application of design thinking and the specific requirements of that industry

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Group practice of design thinking

Application of design thinking in problem solving and providing solutions with an interactive and group method


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What We Do



Online and workshop training of various courses

Learn human-centered design concepts and techniques individually, as a team, and as an organization through fully online training or a combination of face-to-face and online learning.

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consulting and co creating of design thinking process by experts

Use the knowledge of experts in this process in designing a prototype or product and create a creative and effective solution.

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Content and Tools

Comprehensive reference of information resources and design thinking tools

To access all the resources, videos, audio and educational images of the concepts of design thinking, refer to this reliable information reference.

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