What We Offer

Provide Methods for Learning and Applying Design Thinking in Businesses and Information Resources.

Teaching Human-Centered Design with the Best Methods

Participants in the training courses will gain a new perspective and approach to human-centered design for services and products. The courses are designed from practitioner to facilitator levels and those interested in learning how to implement design thinking will learn and practice in design thinking workshops.

If you are new to this concept, join the practitioner courses. If you are interested in more details and applications of design thinking, we offer facilitator courses. Attend a workshop to experience the implementation of a real example and enjoy the application of design thinking. Use the organizational training service to experience specialized organizational courses and group learning with your colleagues.

Consulting Services to Speed Up the Design Processes

Implementing any method requires time and learning. Speed of action and risk reduction are possible by relying on expertise. Benefiting from the expertise of people who have had implementation experience or using their facilitating and guiding role can pave the way for a pleasant design experience.

Tools and templates designed to perform various stages of design thinking help speed up execution. You will also use the knowledge of experts in conceptualizing and designing prototypes.